The beginning

Moonglow Treasures began with Brian and I shopping in antique stores, sharing stories about childhood toys and interests and my discovery of depression glass. I’ve always loved the beautiful colored glass of the 1930’s and 40’s and when I started finding it in local thrift shops, I was thrilled. I started buying it, studying it and educating myself about patterns and names. Ask Brian how nuts I was for it and how all my pieces were laid out on the living room floor, in the kitchen, in the dining room…

Then we discovered the gorgeous glowing “vaseline” glass and we were hooked. Vaseline glass is yellow or green in color and glows under a black light due to the uranium in it.  Brian bought me a black light flashlight and I brought it with me on our outings. I kept many of the pieces we found but we put others up for sale.

Depression glass was my passion when we first started Moonglow and I still love it but we also love vintage cameras, old Tonka toys, unusual art, collectible pieces, and vintage Schwinn bikes. We looked hard to find our first Schwinn and were happy when we found a Schwinn Breeze in a Laurel thrift store. Brian bought it, cleaned it  and it stayed in our space for only a week or so before an excited woman bought it.

We’ve expanded our interests and inventory since the beginning. Now we look for a variety of items–things that catch our eye or we think would look cool sitting on a shelf or hanging on the wall. We love lava lamps and our customers do too. We love finding old movie posters (we sold a Casablanca one in just a few days) and anything related to John Wayne (an unusual collector plate found a home fast).

Moonglow started out in the lower level of Antique Depot. Our first booth was number 017 and it was perfect for our stuff. We were there from April until June and we did very good. But when our current booth (123) became available, we took it because it was a larger space and nothing beats being on the main floor. A lot more people see our stuff now. We love it.

Now that you know a little bit more about Moonglow Treasures, I’ll share some early pictures of our first booth and some of our items. Thanks for looking!  🙂



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