After the Rain

On July 30, historic Ellicott City was devastated by a flood. Buildings, businesses and homes on Main Street were damaged and destroyed. Two lives were lost. It was a time the town will never forget. There are many things I love about Ellicott City and one of them is the love and support the people have for this community. There has been an incredible outpouring of help in every way. Rebuilding Ellicott City was never a question. You can’t keep this wonderful community down.

The Antique Depot sits on Maryland Avenue, right off Main Street. For this reason, the building survived. However, the hard rain found its way in and flooded the basement. Two of my booths are in the basement so I lost many display cases and inventory. Once we were able to get in the building, we salvaged what we could and brought everything up to my first floor booth. The basement was cleaned, painted and looks amazing. The owner worked hard to convince the county to let us open the store and on September 2nd, The Antique Depot was open for business. Main Street remains closed but customers can reach us via New Cut Road and College Ave. And we’ve had wonderful love and support that I know will only get better when all of Ellicott City is open for business again.

In the meantime, we’ve been working hard to restock our booths and rebuild our vintage business so it’s also better than ever. We cleaned and repainted our metal shelves (now purple!) and our formerly black shelf pops in black and white.

Check out the pictures below:

The damage to my booths after the flood




My first floor booth packed with salvaged stuff.


The clean, painted basement and starting to restock my booths.




My salvaged and now purple shelves!


My beautiful newly painted shelf! I love this piece and was so happy it survived πŸ™‚



There will be so much more in the coming weeks so check back for updates on our booths. We are excited to get our business in the best shape it’s ever been.

As always, thanks for looking πŸ™‚


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